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Sigma Touch Tool

Editor's Notes:

Time to stop being so touchy! Keep your hands clear of germs and other nuisances with this simple, tactile instrument. Craighill's Sigma Touch Tool is a timely instrument for interacting with high-touch surfaces. The fluid brass form is an alluring merger of utility and style—an added layer of protection and a striking artifact of a strange time. Named for its resemblance to the Greek letter Sigma (∑), the Sigma Touch Tool is machined from solid brass. It features an eyelet for attaching to a keyring, a hooked surface for pulling doors, and a subtle protrusion for use as a stylus and button-pusher. Will this tool alone solve our problems? Certainly not. But when paired with other healthy practices, it makes a beautiful addition to any keyring.

The Fine Print:

  • Machined Brass
  • Measurements: height: 2.75 inches | width: 1.25 inches | depth: 0.25 inches
  • 1 ounce


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