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Arris Tote

Editor's Notes:

As with all things Craighill, nothing is as simple as it seems. Take this tote for example, on the face of it, a true utilitarian item—gracious and spacious enough for all your daily bric-à-brac, but not so oversize you can't easily bear its weight. But alas, not so. Its rugged, water-resistant nylon material is quilted to act like corrugation—rigid in one direction and flexible in the other. The effect is a super-lightweight tote that maintains its form when set down. The Arris' handles—made from an understated and futuristic material, rubberized nylon webbing—encircle and reinforce the bag's structure with maximal tactile appeal. The handle length was carefully selected to be comfortably worn over your shoulder or held at your side without dragging on the ground. The Arris Tote also features two large interior side pockets, and a water-resistant zipper pouch, allowing for separation and easy access to the trappings of a busy day. This tote packs nicely into luggage to alleviate the inevitable post-vacation squeeze and generally fits neatly into the rhythm of a considered life. Would we expect anything less from Craighill?

The Fine Print:

  • Measurements: height: 16 inches | width: 22 inches | depth: 12 inches
  • Composed of nylon with rubberized mesh webbing handles
  • Features two interior pockets and an interior zipper pouch
  • Water-resistant
  • 1.2 lbs


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