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Sangre de Fruta

Botanical Body Serum

Editor's Notes:

A rich formulation of precious oils and botanicals, the Botanical Body Serum is a decadent serum to be layered onto the body as one pleases. Sensual floral scents are blended with illuminating essential oils that have been used over the centuries for beautification and healing to create a luxurious silky formula that melts into skin.

This precious formula takes inspiration from nature's many vivid blossoms. Meaning 'thousand flowers,' Mille Fleurs Botanical Body Serum is an exotic bouquet of powerful florals dancing together to create an invigorating serum made from rich plant oils and extracts that leaves skin petal-soft.⁠


For Jasmin Lovers - the real deal jasmine. Deep, dark, and sensual—the hypnotic fragrance of jasmine has a powerful reputation as an aphrodisiac, long used in love potions to enchant the senses. That indescribably femininity is what inspired Jasmin De Nuit, a beautiful blend of precious absolute oil and sandalwood essential oil to revitalize dry, sensitive skin.

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